Rental Fleet Aircraft

All our aircraft are available for flight training and student time building. All aircraft are rented at a wet rate. This means the fuel is included in the price.

We focus on safety. Our planes undergo regular inspections, and our trusted FAA-certified A&P Mechanics perform the maintenance. You are in great hands!

You can find more detailed pricing information here.

Pilot Rise Hangar - Rental Fleet Aircraft

Our Rental Aircraft

Private Pilot Cessna 172

Cessna 172K - (150HP)

"Red" - N46550
155 / hour wet *
Perfect for all levels of training!
115 Knots (130 mph), IFR, ADS-B out, 4 seats


Cessna 172P (180HP)

"Cowboy" - N89878
165 / hour wet *
Perfect for all levels of training!
120 Knots (135 mph), Avidyne 540 GPS, Two-Axis Auto-Pilot, Dual G5s, ADS-B in/out, 4 seats

1500 x 1122

Cessna 150M

"Blue Jay" - N714FW
120 / hour wet *
Perfect for all levels of training! 100 Knots (115 mph), ADS-B in/out, 2 seats

Cessna 150M imgs

Cessna 150M

"Little Bird" - N447DK
120 / hour wet *
Perfect for all levels of training!
100 Knots (115 mph), IFR, ADS-B in/out, 2 seats

Mooney N3535X

Mooney M20F

195 / hour wet
Great for complex training, travel, and commercial training.
140 Knots (161 mph), IFR, Garmin 430W, 4 seats, ADS-B out, OPEN RENTAL

Coming Soon

Cessna 172 - Coming Soon

We are in the process of buying another Cessna 172.
1. Purchase before end of 2023.
2. Upgrade to glass panel before May, 2024

* All rates displayed above (except for the Mooney) are the block rate. Add 10/hr if not utilizing the block rate.

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