Each instructor is FAA Certified, highly skilled, and experienced.

Each instructor is focused on providing the highest quality training. They strive to prepare you to become a great pilot rather than just passing tests.

Pick whoever you'd like to fly with! Each instructor is a contractor and set their own rate and schedule. Below is a list of each instructor, a little bit about them, and their contact information.


Jo-Anna Dockree - Instructor - $45 / hour

Certificates: CFI, CPL, Instrument

817-522-2773 | [email protected]

I’m Jo, a first-generation pilot from England. I’ve been flying for 5 years and became a Certified Flight Instructor as part of Envoy’s Cadet program. I love warbirds, dogs and when I’m not flying you can find me restoring classic cars!

Neal Pic-min

Neal Smith - Instructor - $45 / hour

Certificates: CFI, CFI-I, CPL, Instrument

270-302-7811 | [email protected]

I got into flying three years ago after making a career change. I decided I wanted to lead an interesting life and a few people suggested I consider becoming an airline pilot and I instantly fell in love with flying after taking lessons. I am excited to assist people with their goals. I have been doing that as a personal trainer for almost six years. Outside of flying, I am very health-oriented and social.


Blake Baugus - Instructor - $50 / hour

Certificates: CFI, CFI-I, CPL ASEL/AMEL, Instrument

817-994-3573 | [email protected]

I started flying in college at the University of Oklahoma, and that's where I got all of my certificates and ratings. I absolutely fell in love with aviation, and I get a huge kick out of teaching others to fly! My goal is to fly for the airlines and the Air Force Reserve and to help as many people accomplish their aviation dreams as I can.


Matthew Diessner - Instructor - $45 / hour

Certificates: CFI, CFI-I, MEI, CPL ASEL/AMEL, Instrument

618-477-6188 | [email protected]


Jonathan Chen - Instructor - $60 / hour

Certificates: CFI, CFI-I, MEI, CPL, Instrument

214-436-0249 | [email protected]


Izzy Huang - Instructor - $45 / hour

Certificates: CFI, CFI-I, MEI, CPL ASEL/AMEL, Instrument

607-262-0489 | [email protected]

Hi, I’m Izzy! I was born and raised in Taiwan and the first pilot in the family! Before I went into aviation I was a percussion professor, and marimba was my main instrument when I played concerts both domestically and internationally. I first developed my love for aviation when I became a flight attendant, and my journey of learning to fly has made me a better person and better mom every day. When I’m not flying I enjoy spending time with my twin daughters, playing music, and being out in the country driving tractors and caring for our animals!


Victor Forseth - Instructor

Certificates: ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Instrument, A-320, A-321, ERJ-190

[email protected]

Victor has been and instructor for most of his life, and he loves to help people fly. He flies for JetBlue Airways as a captain on the Airbus A320 and A321. Victor is a father of four and has set an example for them just as he does for each of his students.


Michael Forseth - Owner - $60 / hour

Certificates: CFI, CFI-I, Commercial Pilot: Single and Multi, Instrument

817-945-3190 | [email protected]

Michael has always had a love for flying. He started flying when he was 16. Michael wants to make the aviation world better in any way he can, so he started this flight school. He re-imagined how flight training could be done to increase safety and make it more affordable.