About Pilot Rise

Pilot Rise is a flight school located at Hicks Airport just North of Downtown Fort Worth. Our mission is to train people to become safe and skilled pilots. We want to make sure each student will be admired by others for how knowledgeable, prudent, and skilled they are. To do so, we refuse to cut corners with the intention of getting people their pilot’s license quickly. We don’t just teach you the bare minimums required to receive your ratings; we are committed to training students to become the best in the industry.

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Customized Learning

There are many types of learners, and here at pilot rise, we do not provide “cookie-cutter” education. We personally hone each lesson specifically to your learning style, making the experience enjoyable.

Our instructors are held to a very high standard, and we will continue to uphold our “quality-over-quantity” mindset.

Streamlining Your Training Experience

Aside from maintaining high-quality training, we have changed up the game by incorporating more technology.

We do everything we can to cut down on training costs. Our training programs use online video courses to cut down on instruction costs, improve learning, and get rid of the need for traditional textbooks.

For pilots renting our aircraft, we use modern technology to cut out the need for someone to hold up the fort. We do this by using online scheduling, an electronic lockbox, and remote billing.

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Flight Instructor Jordan Connors

Safety First

At Pilot Rise, safety isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a cornerstone of our operation. Unique to many Part 61 flight schools, we implement mandatory stage checks prior to solo flights or checkrides, ensuring that each student is rigorously evaluated by a minimum of two experienced instructors.

Our demanding hiring process for instructors, paired with ongoing performance evaluations, upholds our uncompromising standards for safety and quality instruction.

Additionally, we take aircraft maintenance seriously, subjecting each plane to thorough inspections to confirm they meet all safety requirements. The added layer of tracking our aircraft in real-time allows us to maintain a watchful eye on all flight activities, giving both students and instructors an extra level of assurance.

About Pilot Rise: Commitment to Excellence

We also use electronic logbooks for logging flight hours. This adds no extra cost, and it mitigates the risk of losing traditional paper logbooks.

We strive to constantly improve and innovate to provide the best training possible. We are here to get you flying the right way. Not to get a license, but to become the best pilot you can be.

Come join us for a discovery flight, and discover your love for aviation. We look forward to flying with you!

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