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Pilot Rise Flight School offers flight training for both recreational and professional purposes, helping you achieve your goal of flying for leisure or as an airline pilot.

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Where to Start

Whether your goal is to fly commercially or for personal enjoyment, every pilot starts as a Private Pilot. At Pilot Rise, we provide training to develop your skills and knowledge to become an exceptional pilot, not just one with a license.

If your aim is to become an airline pilot, we can assist with obtaining additional licenses and ratings. For more information on this process, please click here.

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What is the Training Like

Contrary to popular belief, learning to fly is not as hard as it seems. Our experienced instructors offer customized, individualized lessons on the ground and in the air.

We also offer ground instruction classes to learn all the essential information. Or if you choose to do so, you may use a home study course to save on-ground lessons. To learn more about how you can learn at home, click here.

How Much does it Cost

Learning to fly may seem like a huge financial commitment, but the final outcome as an airline pilot makes the cost of training well worth it.

To become a Private Pilot it typically costs around $10k or less (depending on how often you train and how much time you commit to studying). You will NOT need to pay any large amount upfront. You just pay as you go.

We also offer financing for flight training!

The training is very flexible and we can adjust your training plan to fit your budget.

For more details on the training process, click here.

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