Learning to fly can be expensive. We know this, and we do everything we can to keep flying affordable, but fuel and quality maintenance keep it pricey. Not to worry, we offer financing for flight training.

Flight lessons are most effective when they are done no more than a week apart. Financing makes it EASILY possible to fly 1-3 times per week. This will help you reach your goal much faster, and help you retain what you learned between lessons.

Consider this, becoming a Private Pilot in 3 months would cost about $2,800 per month on average. With financing, you could complete the same training for about $220 per month OR LESS.

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Common concerns:

  • Pay off financing early (no fees)
  • Train 1-5 times per week
  • You don't pay off what you don't use for training (or use for flying or more training)
  • If something happens, and you go over budget, you can apply for more to finish up
  • Interest rates 12-18% (get 3% off for making payments on time
  • All you need is $250 to get started

Is financing for you?

If you are unable to train at least one lesson per week, we strongly suggest using financing. Flight training is the most expensive part of flying, once you complete training, you'll spend far less just using the aircraft. What ever financing program you decide on, plan on being able to pay twice the monthly rate. This will ensure you'll have enough to pay off training while you get to keep flying.

We're here to help, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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