Becoming an airline pilot is a costly process, but we’ve got you covered! We provide financing from zero experience to becoming a commercial pilot & flight instructor.

The Highlights:
  • Deferred payments options
  • Training 100% Covered
  • Get back what you don’t use
  • At your own pace & flexible scheduling
  • Accelerated Training
  • Priority Scheduling

Financing Programs

After finishing this program, you will have the certificates needed to get a flying job to build your hours to the required 1500 for the airlines.

Flight Hours Included: 265

Finish with: Commercial Pilot Certificate (ASEL)

Estimated Length: 6 months

Financed: $60,000 – $66,000

After finishing this program, you will become a Certified Flight Instructor. From here, you can build hours instructing very quickly!

Flight Hours Included: 275

Finish with: Certified Flight Instructor

Estimated Length: 7 months

Financed: $64,000 – $74,000

After finishing this program, you will become a Certified Flight Instructor INSTRUMENT. This makes you more hireable, and it’ll be easier to find a flying or instructing job to build hours and to get into the airlines.

Flight Hours Included: 290

Finish with: Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

Estimated Length: 8 months

Financed: $71,000 – $81,000

You may also finance a single certificate at a time with a custom plan made for you.

For more information and to apply: 

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Deferred Payments

Our financing programs offer the option to defer payments for up to a year! And you can pay interest only for the 2nd year! You’ll be able to focus completely on flight training.

What does Financing Cover?

Just about everything! This is what’s included:

  • Flight Hours
  • Flight & Ground Instruction
  • Written Test Prep
  • FAA Written Tests
  • Examiner Fees
  • Training Materials (iPad, ForeFlight, Kneeboard, Headset)
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Faster & Cheaper Than a 141 College Program

Since we are a part 61 flight school, our prices are cheaper than a college aviation program. This makes it easier for people to get approved for financing & complete training.

A part 141 at a college is capable of reducing the requirements to become an airline pilot by 500 hours, BUT you have to complete a four-year AVIATION degree. With our program, you’d be able to reach airline minimums in under three years.

Priority Scheduling

Finance students will get the first choice on the schedule. You will be in our accelerated program, and we will do what we can to ensure you finish as fast as possible!

Get Back What you Don't Use

Once financed, a balance will be added to your account for training. We make sure there is plenty of funding to complete training even for those who might need extra training.

If you choose to save on training costs by splitting time while time building or using our cheaper aircraft for time building, you can save up to 30% on total training costs. Upon completion of your program, you’ll get back 90% of the funding you don’t use. You’ll find that almost no other flight school does anything like this.

You can also choose to keep these funds on account and use them to rent our aircraft.

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Canceling Training

If you want to terminate training early, you may do so, and the financing company will pro-rate for the training you’ve done so far.

Answers to Common Questions:
  • Pay off financing early (no fees)
  • Train AS MUCH as you’d like
  • Interest rates 12-23%
  • All programs must be finished within 36 months

Loan Payment Options

  • 15 Year Term
  • 1 year DEFERRED Payments
  • 1 year Intrest Only
  • Variable Rate
  • 15 Year Term
  • 2 years Intrest Only
  • Variable Rate
  • 15 Year Term
  • Variable Rate
  • 10 Year Term
  • 1 years Intrest Only
  • Variable Rate
  • 15 Year Term
  • Fixed Rate
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Other financing options

We are partnered with Stratus Finance and Flight Training Finance, LLC. Stratus is best for Zero to Commercial. Flight training finance is best for financing per certificate and if you plan on taking a slower pace. Ask us about our programs.

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