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Pilot Rise Flight School offers comprehensive flight training programs to help individuals become safe and skilled pilots, respected for their knowledge and expertise.

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Transparent Pricing and Fees: No Surprises Ahead

At Pilot Rise, transparency is at the heart of everything we do. Unlike most flight schools, we openly share a detailed breakdown of our pricing and any additional fees on our website. This approach ensures you have all the necessary information to plan your flight training or aircraft rental without encountering any unexpected costs.

We’ve listed everything from instructor rates and aircraft rental prices to specific conditions that might incur additional fees. Our goal is to provide you with complete clarity, so you can focus on your aviation journey with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect financially.

By choosing us, you’re partnering with a flight school that values honesty and clear communication, setting a new standard in the aviation training industry.

Flight Instruction

All our instructors are highly skilled experienced pilots.

Instructors are 65 / hour (with some exceptions), and billing starts from the scheduled start time to the end of the lesson.

Minimum charge of one hour of flight/ground instruction per lesson. This is waived if your flight is canceled and your instructor determines you do not need any ground instruction in accordance with our syllabus.


All aircraft rates below are the wet rates. This means that the fuel price is included. These rates are also hourly based on the Hobbs hour of the aircraft (time the engine is running).

To safeguard against fraud, scams, and potential liabilities, we’ve structured our pricing to include the option of a refundable $1,500 deposit on your account. This deposit enables us to offer the rates listed above.

We recognize, however, that not everyone is in a position to commit to this deposit upfront. For those who prefer to forgo the deposit, please note that our aircraft rental rates will be adjusted to include an additional charge of $10/hour.

It’s important to clarify that this deposit is not a block rate, which involves paying for hours upfront without a refund option. Instead, our deposit is fully refundable, minus any charges incurred.

$195 / hour

CESSNA 172P N89878
Deposit on Account: $160 / hour
Forgo Deposit: $170 / hour

Deposit on Account: $155 / hour
Forgo Deposit: $165 / hour

CESSNA 172K N46550
Deposit on Account: $150 / hour
Forgo Deposit: $160 / hour

CESSNA 150M (N714FW & N447DK)
Deposit on Account: $125 / hour
Forgo Deposit: $135 / hour

BATD – Basic Aviation Training Device
Hourly rate depends on if the time is loggable time or if you are just practicing.
 • Loggable Hourly Rate: 30 / hour
 • Non-Loggable Hourly Rate: 10 / hour
 • Non-Loggable WITH Instructor: Instructor rate only

Training Discount Details

Rental Discount Details

Potential Fees

Opting Out of Deposit

Should you decide against the refundable $1,500 deposit mentioned earlier, please note that your aircraft rental rates will increase by $10.00 per hour above the standard rate (which includes the deposit). However, students enrolled in a financing program will not be affected by this adjustment and will continue to pay the prices agreed upon within their financing arrangement.

Fuel Fee

Should fuel prices exceed $6.00 per gallon, you will be responsible for covering the additional cost.

Late Return Fee

Delays beyond scheduled time not due to weather, maintenance, or safety, affecting the next booking, incur a $25/hour fee. A 15-minute grace period is allowed without charges.

Damage Liability

If damage occurs due to your negligence, you are liable for the costs. For damages exceeding $5,000 that insurance covers, we will use our policy. However, you may be responsible for any uninsured costs, including the deductible and any increased premiums, emphasizing accountability for negligence.

Airport Fees

If you experience any fees at other airports, you are responsible for those bills even if they are mailed to us.
Note: During training, our standard procedures do not include flying into airports with known fees.

Late Cancel Fees

If you cancel a rental or lesson within 24 hours of your scheduled time for any reason other than maintenance and weather you may be subject to a $100 fee. If the reason was due to weather, and the weather was forecast to be poor, you may still be subject to the cancellation fee due to bad planning.

No-Show Fees

If you do not show up for a scheduled flight, lesson, or reservation you may be subject to a $200 fee (cancellations within 1 hour are considered a no-show).

Not Locking the Building or Aircraft

FOR RENTERS: If you fail to close the hangar during a flight, lock the building doors, or lock up and secure the aircraft, you may be subject to a fee of $100 per occurrence. You will also be responsible for replacing or fixing damaged or stolen items due to negligence.

Passengers without Waivers

All passengers flying with you must fill out this waiver. Failing to do so will make you responsible for reimbursing Pilot Rise for any legal fees or settlements regarding your passenger. You may also be charged a $200 fee per passenger.

Not Following Procedures

If you were to not follow a procedure set forth by us or the operator’s handbook, you may be subject to being removed as a student/renter or have additional reasonable fees.

Aircraft Hour Ratio = (1 : 4.8) For every 4.8 an aircraft is booked, you will be charged one hour or the aircraft Hobbs time, whichever is greater. For example, if you take an aircraft for 24 hours and you only fly for one hour, you’d be billed for 5 hours.

Early Termination Charge

Non-Financed Students: $200
Financed Students: $500

The $200 Early Termination Fee is waived for your first three flights, allowing you to try our training with no obligation. After your third flight, the fee applies but is waived for medical disqualification or if you move over two hours away, ensuring flexibility and fairness in your training commitment. Unlike other flight schools, which may impose large, hidden termination fees often based on a percentage of the course cost, we prioritize transparency and straightforward policies.

For financed students, the early termination charge may not be waived once entering the financing agreement.

Late Payment Fees

Failure to pay an invoice or balance within 4 business will result in late fees thereafter. The late payment fee is 2% of your current balance per week.

Card Surcharge

Paying via a Debit or Credit card incurs a 3.3% surcharge.

Certified Flight Instructor Training From a Two-Year CFI

If you are receiving training from a two-year CFI for the purpose of becoming a flight instructor, the hourly rate for the instructor is $85/hr.

We reserve the right to charge a different rate for flight instruction in unique circumstances. However, this will be communicated prior to any lessons or charges.

Spin Training

If you are seeking spin training and an endorsement for your CFI initial, we charge an extra $150 on top of normal aircraft and instructor rates IF you are not completing your CFI training through us.

Check Refund Fee

If you have a balance on account you would like refunded, there is a $10 check processing fee if you want the refund via check. Refunds via Zelle are processed for free.

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