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And Yes! We offer financing for flight training. Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions - Pilot Flying

At Pilot Rise, quality training comes first, always. We offer the structure and organization of a part 141 school but at the cost-effective rates of a part 61 program. Our flexible, tech-enabled syllabus ensures tailored training, and our regular stage checks give you a comprehensive overview of your progress.

Absolutely! To schedule a tour, call us at 817-755-5652. Our facility may not be the most luxurious, that’s because we prioritize making training more affordable for our students. At Pilot Rise, you’ll find our hangar, a modest office, and our fleet of aircraft. The true value lies in the personalized, one-on-one instruction you’ll receive.

Pilot Rise is committed to producing not just pilots, but excellent pilots. We focus on quality over extravagance, cutting unnecessary overhead to make quality training more affordable. Founded by Michael Forseth, who witnessed firsthand the pitfalls of a profit-first approach, Pilot Rise puts the student’s needs front and center.

Pilot Rise is conveniently located at Hicks Airport (T67) in North Fort Worth, near Haslet.
Physical address: 628 Aviator Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76179.
Mailing address: 218 Aviator Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76179.

Since September 17th, 2018, Pilot Rise has been offering flight instruction in North Texas.

We began our journey by providing instruction to aircraft owners. By early 2019, we expanded our operations by acquiring our first aircraft, BlueJay (N714FW), and entering into a leaseback agreement with Little Bird (N447DK).

We operate under Part 61, allowing us the flexibility to tailor training to individual needs. Although we’re a Part 61 flight school, our structured curriculum resembles the rigor of Part 141 schools but at a 20-30% lower cost. Airlines focus on your flying hours and skills, not the type of school you attended. Pilot Rise delivers the best of both worlds—structured yet flexible, and affordable training.

While Pilot Rise is not directly affiliated with any colleges, we can provide your flight training at a rate more economical than most college programs.

It’s worth noting that airlines prioritize your total flight hours and your performance in interviews and flying tests over the school where you trained. Also, many aviation programs will accept any pilot certificates you may receive through us as college credit. Feel free to call us to explore how our training can complement your educational goals.

Pilot Rise offers training for a range of licenses including Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Instrument Flight Instructor (CFI-I), and Complex Endorsement.

For a comprehensive list, check our courses page.

While Pilot Rise doesn’t have formal partnerships with airlines, it’s essential to note that the management and owner have industry connections. We’ve provided letters of recommendation for our students, which have successfully aided them in securing positions with major airlines.

Be cautious when choosing a flight school based on airline partnerships; they can be restrictive and limit your options. For instance, a former instructor had a guaranteed airline interview through a contract but faced significant penalties for breaking it, missing out on other opportunities.

In the end, airlines prioritize your flight experience, interview performance, and piloting skills over where you received your training.

Solo flight at 16, Private Pilot License (PPL) at 17. Airline pilots must retire at 65. For those under 15, contact Pilot Rise for tailored options.

Health-wise, you must pass an FAA 3rd class medical exam before your first solo. Click here for details.

Pilot Rise offers training seven days a week. Instructors are available as early as 4am and as late as 1am.

We operate under Part 61 and offer a flexible curriculum tailored to individual needs. This includes flexibility in scheduling, aircraft choices, lesson topics, and instructors.

Book your first lesson or discovery flight online or call us at 817-755-5652 to schedule.

You can start at anytime.

Pilot Rise accommodates a variety of schedules and preferences. Whether you want to fly six days a week or once a month, we can arrange it. Your instructor is always just a text away for any questions.

Pilot Rise doesn’t offer housing but can assist in finding local accommodations.

Absolutely. If it’s not at our primary location, we’ll charge for the instructor’s commute. Email [email protected] to begin the process; we need to verify your aircraft records for airworthiness as our instructors act as the Pilot-in-Command (PIC).

Yes, gift certificates for Discovery Flights make excellent presents for special occasions like birthdays or holidays. Valid for 6 months, with flexibility on expiration if needed.

Ready to gift the joy of flying? Contact us to purchase.

Flying with Pilot Rise is safer than driving, thanks to our highly trained instructors and stringent safety protocols. Safety is our top priority.

View our safety policies here.

We require all pilots, including instructors, to demonstrate proficiency in emergency procedures before operating any of our aircraft.

Our safety measures include strict weather minimums, high maintenance standards, and stage checks.

View all our safety policies here or call us at 817-755-5652 for more information.

Pilot Rise maintains a stellar safety record with zero accidents.

For insurance specifics, please visit our policy page.

Absolutely, we offer 30-minute discovery flights with one of our trained instructors. They’ll also guide you through the training process.

For more information and to book online, click here.

Start anytime! Book your first lesson online here.

Any questions? Call us at 817-755-5652.

Yes, Pilot Rise is not authorized to train foreign nationals.

No exam needed to get started with us.

To verify U.S. citizenship, we’ll need to see your original, unexpired U.S. Passport or original U.S. Birth Certificate along with a copy of your U.S. Driver’s license.

We’ll guide you through the rest when you schedule.

Absolutely! We offer training from zero experience up to flight instructor level.

Very flexible! We train seven days a week, almost any time of day. Your instructor will work closely with you to find a schedule that fits.

At Pilot Rise, 90% of our students pass their checkrides on the first attempt. For the 10% who don’t, it’s usually due to lack of study or a minor mistake. A checkride disapproval is not a career-ender; airlines still hire pilots who have multiple checkride disapprovals.

At Pilot Rise, we offer comprehensive training programs, ranging from Private Pilot to Flight Instructor levels.

View all our courses here.

The usual path includes Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Flight Instructor training. Build hours as a flight instructor and complete your Commercial Multi-engine training before joining an airline or corporate flight department.

Read our detailed article on steps to become a pilot.

Pilot Rise boasts a highly structured curriculum even for a part 61 flight school.

Check out our syllabus for each course here.

Our instructors maintain records of your progress in our internal system, giving you access to real-time tracking of your training.

We offer accelerated training options tailored to your needs, especially if you’re self-funding. Our zero-to-hero financing programs are also accelerated by default.

Lessons at Pilot Rise typically last around 2.5 hours, although this can vary depending on the lesson focus. Longer lessons can be more cost-effective due to reduced ground time.

The cost varies depending on the aircraft and length of the lesson, generally ranging between $350 and $550.

View our prices here.

With an intensive schedule, you could complete your Private Pilot training in under four weeks. Most students, however, opt for a six-month timeframe.

Our accelerated program allows completion in as little as six months, though individual times may vary depending on study habits and available time for training.

Although not a requirement for part 61 flight schools, Pilot Rise conducts stage checks as an added safety measure. These are done prior to solo flights and any checkride to ensure you’re fully prepared, increasing your odds of first-attempt success.

We strive to keep you with the same instructor throughout your course.However, instructors may move on to airline careers.

If this happens, our meticulous record-keeping ensures a smooth transition to a new instructor, and you’re free to request a change at any time.

At Pilot Rise, we offer complex endorsements. If you have an aircraft with more than 200hp, we can also provide high-performance training.

No minimum commitment required! Come fly a lesson or two and see if it’s a fit for you. Note that after your third lesson, or if you’re on a financing plan, we have an early termination fee. This can be waived under certain conditions. Click here for pricing and fees.

We offer flight reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPCs). Whether you want to refine your skills or you’re enrolled in another school, we’re happy to assist.

Although we don’t offer multi-engine training, we can recommend several affordable providers who specialize in this area. They typically offer rapid completion within 4-5 days due to their multiple aircraft availability.

We have relationships with several Designated Pilot Examiners. One examiner we work closely with can often fit our students in with less than two weeks’ notice.

Absolutely! Use our online platform to schedule discovery flights, initial lessons, or checkout flights.

Get started now, click here to schedule online.

First-timers can book online HERE or CONTACT US. After your initial flight, you’ll coordinate directly with your instructor via text.

For aircraft rentals, schedule yourself using our system, FlightCircle.

Our online system requires a 24-hour advance notice. For same-day bookings, please call us at 817-755-5652.

It’s your choice—no limits. However, we recommend a minimum of two lessons per week for steady progress.

We’re operational almost all the time! Office hours are typically 9am to 3pm on business days. Please call before dropping in.

Extremely flexible. Instructors will tailor schedules to meet your needs. If an instructor’s schedule doesn’t align with yours, we’ll find you a new one.

We charge for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance and no-shows, although there are exceptions.

For the latest details, view our policy page.

All fees are outlined here.

Weather cancellations are generally fee-free. However, if poor weather was forecasted and you failed to cancel in advance, fees may still apply.

If you are scheduled to fly with an instructor, then you don’t need to worry about this at all.

Cancellation fees are waived if maintenance issues arise.

For all policy details, click here.

Absolutely, we offer weekend flight training. At Pilot Rise, we’re flexible to fit your schedule seven days a week.

Yes, you can book multiple lessons in one day. It’s an effective way to accelerate your training, although it can be intense.

We’re available for late-night training, though some maneuvers are restricted after dark for safety reasons. All pilots will undergo some night training as part of their curriculum.

Definitely. Speak with your instructor post-flight to set up a recurring schedule. While it’s not required, we recommend keeping a 4-week booking to secure your preferred slots.

Expect a confirmation email detailing your booking.

For any uncertainties, feel free to contact us for confirmation.

We currently have a fleet of 5 aircraft, with plans to add another Cessna 172 by the end of 2023.

Want more details? View our fleet here.

Both C150 and C172 are excellent for training. If you’re over 185lbs or taller than 6’2″, we recommend the C172 for comfort and power.

The C150 is cheaper, but at the expense of comfort and speed.

For instrument training, we exclusively use C172s for their performance and endurance.

At Pilot Rise, we pride ourselves on high aircraft availability. If it ever becomes an issue, we’ll expand our fleet.

All our aircraft undergo rigorous inspections every 100 flight hours by FAA-certified A&P mechanics.

Quality and safety are our priorities. We aim for quick, high-quality repairs and prefer to upgrade with modern equipment when possible.

We strive for an uptime of 85% or higher for all our aircraft, beating the industry standard. As of August 2023, our average uptime is 95%.

We achieve this by being proactive in maintenance, sourcing quality parts quickly, and utilizing expedited shipping for any parts we don’t have on hand.

In the rare case that your plane is unavailable due to maintenance, you can easily switch to another aircraft in our consistent fleet.

We offer a non-certified simulator that’s free to use; you only pay for the instructor’s time.

We aim to get it certified, but this will incur an hourly rate once completed.

Note that certified simulators (AATD or BATD) can only contribute 2.5 hours towards the 40-hour requirement for a private pilot license.

Our C172, Cowboy, features a partial glass cockpit including dual G5s, Avidyne 550 IFR GPS, and more.

Our next plane, due by the end of 2023, will sport a Dynon HDX panel. (That is the plan at least)

However, we advise starting with traditional steam instruments to build solid piloting skills.

Cowboy (C172) qualifies as TAA and can be used for the 10-hour commercial training requirement.

Our Mooney M20F is a complex aircraft and also fits the bill for commercial training.

For specifics on instrument-equipped aircraft, review our fleet info here.

All rentals are at wet rates, meaning fuel is included in the price.

Check out our policies for details on insurance requirements. We do require renters acting as the Pilot In Command to have physical aircraft damage insurance.

Absolutely, you can pick your preferred aircraft. Flexibility is recommended for smoother training.

We provide headsets initially, but expect you to have your own by the third lesson. Rental fees for our headsets are available here.

Yes, we offer aircraft rentals. The Mooney M20F is open for rental across the contiguous U.S., while our Cessnas are primarily for training and are limited to 75nm from Hicks Airport.

Looking to build flight hours? Check out our time builder special here.

All our instructors are FAA Certified CFIs and undergo a rigorous hiring process to ensure quality.

For details, view our list of instructors here.

Full-time instructors manage an average of 12 students, and part-timers handle about 7. Rest assured, you’ll receive one-on-one training tailored to your needs.

We have both. Part-time instructors are ideal if you prefer weekend flying sessions.

Our flight instructors are W2 employees, paid above the industry average. This ensures a standardized, high-quality training experience for every student.

Each instructor boasts a minimum of 300 flight hours and has cleared all FAA-required checkrides. They’re highly knowledgeable and equipped to help you reach your flying goals.

We aim to pair you with a dedicated instructor for the entirety of your training. If they move on to airlines, we maintain detailed records to facilitate a seamless transition to a new instructor.

Absolutely, you can request a specific instructor.

See our list here.

We can arrange a meeting with an instructor at their regular rate. Our receptionist is also available for free consultations.

A Discovery Flight offers a great introduction to our instructors and the training process. Book yours online today.

If you encounter any issues with your instructor, please email us immediately at [email protected]. Your concerns will go directly to the owner for prompt resolution. We’re committed to maintaining a high standard of instruction and your feedback is invaluable.

For a detailed breakdown of our course costs, visit our courses and estimated costs page.

Our payment structure is pay-as-you-go. We offer discounted rates for those who maintain a minimum balance of $1,500 on their Pilot Rise account. Instructor and aircraft fees are charged hourly, starting from the beginning of the lesson or the scheduled time, whichever is earlier.

For a full list of pricing and fees, click here.

We offer tailored financing solutions, whether you’re flying for career advancement or just for fun. Deferred payment options are also available.

Learn more about our financing options here.

Becoming a commercial pilot with Pilot Rise could cost as low as $31,000. However, we recommend budgeting around $45,000 as most students require more than the minimum training hours.

Check out our steps to become a pilot here.

No entrance or enrollment fees at Pilot Rise. Begin your flight training without any upfront costs.

We accept multiple payment methods including cash, check, most credit/debit cards, and Venmo.

For further details, review our policies.

At Pilot Rise, we offer a unique approach to block rate structures. Instead of requiring a large, non-refundable upfront payment, we simply ask that you maintain a minimum balance of $1,500 on your account. Unlike traditional block rates, this balance is refundable, minus any training expenses and associated fees. Should you choose not to maintain this balance, the aircraft rate for most aircraft will be $10/hour higher.

For complete pricing details, click here.

The GI Bill won’t cover private pilot training and isn’t compatible with our Part 61 flight school. We recommend completing your private pilot certificate with us for cost-efficiency and then transferring to a Part 141 school that accepts the GI Bill for further certifications.

Be aware that the GI Bill will only cover the minimums and can deplete your yearly limit quickly when used at a Part 141 school.

We pride ourselves on transparency at Pilot Rise.
All prices and potential fees are posted online for your convenience.

Our focus is on delivering top-quality flight training without the high costs. We keep overhead low by operating from a less-known airport and maintaining a simple office setup. Our part-time receptionist also helps us reduce costs. The real value is in the training you get with our expert instructors and training programs.

We don’t offer scholarships directly but can accept any that you secure. We do offer financing options from zero to hero.

Feel free to pause your training at any time without any penalty. However, if you’re part of a financing program, different rules may apply.

No standard fuel surcharge. Fuel is included in our aircraft rental rate. If you buy fuel elsewhere and it exceeds our per-gallon limit, you’ll be responsible for the difference.

See up-to-date pricing details here.

Refer a new student to Pilot Rise and earn one hour of free instruction.

For more information, visit our policies page.

Interested candidates should email their resume, cover letter, references, and any additional documents to [email protected].

Make sure your resume includes Flight Hours, Certificates Held, Flight Training Background (Part 61 or 141), Education, Contact Details, and Work Experience.

Currently, we do not hire dedicated ground instructors. Our flight instructors are fully capable of providing ground instruction.

Pilot Rise prioritizes hiring from within our pool of graduates.

Our process typically consists of: Initial Information Collection, Screening Form, Technical and HR Phone Interview, Ground Instruction Ability Evaluation, Flight Instructor Checkout Flights and Evaluation, followed by a Probationary Period.

You can reach us at our main number 817-755-5652, either by call or text.

Or submit a contact form here.

Instructor Contact Info Here

To schedule or cancel, call or text 817-755-5652. Students should directly contact their instructors to cancel. Instructor details can be found here.

Trying to book a flight? Book online here?

For any financial or billing concerns, please email [email protected].

At Pilot Rise, we offer flexible flight training schedules that allow you to fly anytime.

Our office is typically open from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. The office is closed on federal holidays.

Do you have a suggestion for more frequently asked questions? Or maybe you found an error in one of our answers. We want to ensure we provide the most accurate up-to-date information.

Please contact us with your suggestion.

Not sure if flying is for you?

We offer 30-minute discovery flights to see how you like flying! It’s only $149. You can schedule online, it only takes 5 minutes. Or give us a call or text at 817-755-5652.

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