Earn up to $200 for each student you refer!

(Terms apply)

Mooney M20E Aircraft

How You Can Earn

You can earn up to $200 for each student you refer. You'll get $10 per flight instruction hour for the first 20 hours of instruction for  the student you referred.

Helping Us Helps You

We are excited to offer our Pilot Rise Referral Program as a way for our community to grow and benefit together. When you refer new students to us, you're not only helping us grow, you're also helping us cut advertising costs. We pass those savings right back onto our students—that means you!

How It Works

Step 1: Get Your Referral Coupons

Ask us for Referral Coupons. Write your details on the back of these cards and hand them out to people you meet. When someone comes in with a referral card from you, you'll be credited for the referral.

Step 2: Get Paid

As the person you referred receives flight training, you get paid. Payouts are done once per month in accordance with the terms below.

Step 3: Share the Earnings

If you choose, you can opt to split the cash rewards with all the individuals you refer through this program.

Terms and Conditions

  • Eligibility: This program only applies to revenue flights with a Pilot Rise instructor providing flight instruction.
  • Payout Calculation:
    • Credit $10 per eligible flight instruction hour for the first 20 flight instruction hours (maximum of $200 per referral).
  • Payment Methods:
    • If you're a Pilot Rise student or renter, the balance is applied to your FlightCircle account first. Then it can be used for training, renting, or withdrawn in accordance with current policies.
    • If you're a Pilot Rise instructor, you're paid via payroll with taxes deducted from the referral amount.
    • For everyone else, payments will be made via Venmo.
  • Payout Schedule: Payouts are calculated once per month.
  • Reservations:
    • We reserve the right to ban anyone from this program or change this program at any time.
    • Referrals may not be used on family members without prior approval.
    • Two new students may not refer each other to abuse the system.
    • Creating multiple accounts to refer oneself is not allowed. Detection of such activity will lead to immediate disqualification from the program and possible termination of all associated accounts.
    • Providing false or misleading information to secure a referral is prohibited and will result in immediate termination from the program.
    • Referrals can only be claimed at the time of the new student's initial sign-up and cannot be applied retroactively.
    • Referral rewards are not granted for simulators, ground instruction, or any instructional time that does not involve a revenue flight.
    • In the event that a student is referred by multiple individuals, only the first person to make the referral will be recognized as the official referrer.
    • The flight instruction hours must be in Pilot Rise aircraft at normal revenue rental rates.
    • This may not be combined with any other deal or offer.
  • Payout Options: Each referrer can choose one of the following options to apply to all whom they refer:
    • 1) 100% of the reward goes to the referrer.
    • 2) The reward is split 50/50 between the referrer and the referee.
  • Exclusions: This program does not apply to checkout flights or renters who are not training with us.
  • Program Effective: 11/01/2023