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Study Tools

In a previous article, we discussed effective study strategies. Now we’d like to give you essential tools that can be used to implement those study strategies.

AnkiWeb Flashcards (

We STRONGLY recommend AnkiWeb. AnkiWeb has a website, several IOS apps, and several Android apps. This flashcard system has a unique feature that lets you select how well you remembered a flashcard, using this information Anki will continue to show you stuff you struggle with, and show you less of what you already know.

As you already know, becoming a pilot requires a massive amount of information. Once you master something, it will become a waste of time reviewing it repeatedly when you could be focusing on what you are really struggling with.

Anki is also free. You can add images, and style text within flashcards. I used this app during my airline training, which was a lifesaver.

Observation Flights

We are happy to offer observation flights to our students. Take a look at our schedule and reach out to an instructor before their lesson and ask if you can join. This is at no extra cost. You get to sit in the back while one of our instructors is teaching a flight lesson. Just don’t forget to take notes.

Aircraft Operating Handbook Study

Before flying any new airplane, I always read the entirety of the operating manual. An aircraft is a form of heavy machinery, and before operating heavy machinery, it is a good idea to read the manual.

When reading the operating handbook, be sure to take notes on anything you think may be important. We provide a fill-in-the-blank spreadsheet that will help you quickly learn any new aircraft.

Gold Seal Online Ground School (

We recommend using Gold Seal Online Ground for your Private Pilot Certificate and Instrument Rating. It will help you prepare for the written tests & the oral exam.

Pilot Approach Instrument Simulator (

When working on your Instrument Rating or ATP, we recommend using This is an online instrument approach simulator that will guide you through approaches and tell you when you make mistakes.

Sheppard Air Written Test Prep (

For any written test after your Private Pilot Certificate, we highly recommend Sheppard Air. Their study methods will help you ace any FAA written test.

Voice Memos / Voice Recorder

During a ground lesson, you may use a voice recorder to record what your instructor teaches you. You can go back and review the information.

Go Pro During Lessons

If you have a Go Pro camera, feel free to set it up inside any of our aircraft. Most of our aircraft have a Go Pro attachment available. You can use this to look back on your lesson and review your mistakes.

Read the AIM

The Airman Information Manual has so much useful information in it. Take some time to go through it. It will be well worth it (especially if you take notes).

Use the Materials Provided

We provide many training materials & training documents that simplify & organize vast amounts of information. Use my knowledge, I beg you.

ForeFlight Documents

ForeFlight lets you store PDFs within the app. This is a great way to stay organized and store important reference material. We recommend keeping a copy of your aircraft manual, aircraft checklist, weight and balance form, and the syllabus in ForeFlight for easy access.

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James Postels
Amazing flight school with a great instructor who knows his stuff. Start out with a introduction to flight to get comfortable in the airplane you're flying in! If you decide to go forward, you won't be disappointed, Michael has a great system design to help meet goals that you set.
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Gabriel Lewis
Great flight school. Came from Hong Kong back to the US to do my flight school and has been a blast. Great instructor and program. Very effective and fun too! Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for flight training around the Fort Worth/Dallas area.
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Jerome Ervin
Michael is a very passionate instructor. He will definitely make you more than prepared for whatever rating you are pursuing. I finished my private with him. He is very organized and focused. Go to this guy if you want to learn to fly.
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Kyle Simmons
Blake is awesome! Highly recommend the school, and Blake as your CFI. Discovery flight and plane rentals are very affordable. Everything is well maintained, and Flys great!
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The Flying Texan
Very smart, safe and thorough instructor! This is an awesome opportunity for anyone wanting to learn to fly, or improve their skill/advance ratings.
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