We offer a specialized flight instructor course. Our focus is to train commercial pilots to become excellent flight instructors. Our course will prepare you for providing real-life flight and ground instructing as well as passing the CFI practical test.


Course Details

Description: All learner CFIs will be provided a training package. This will include all the information needed for preparing for ground and flight training. Each learner CFI is also expected to complete the required writtens before starting. Training will consist of two parts: Flight and Ground. The ground training will be conducted with two learner CFIs and a flight instructor. This will save costs for both learners and improve learning by being able to practice and study with a training partner. The ground portion will take 30-35 hours of ground training. The flight portion will be conducted with both the instructor and practice with one's training partner.

Costs (usually $3,000 - $5,000):

  • Ground Training: $1,450 (hourly if exceeding 35 hours)
  • Flight: $75 / hour for the instructor

Training Schedule Options:

  • Daily Training: 14 - 18 days
  • Training Three Days Weekly: 24 - 30 days
  • Weekend Training: 35 - 45 days
  • Slow Paced (for those with full-time jobs): 45 - 60 days

Training Resources