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Pilot Rise Flight School offers comprehensive flight training programs to help individuals become safe and skilled pilots, respected for their knowledge and expertise.

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Hourly Rate: 195 / hour wet

Hourly Rate: 165 / hour wet*

Hourly Rate: 155 / hour wet*

Hourly Rate: 125 / hour wet*

BATD – Basic Aviation Training Device
Hourly rate depends on if the time is loggable time or if you are just practicing.
 • Loggable Hourly Rate: 30 / hour
 • Non-Loggable Hourly Rate: 10 / hour
 • Non-Loggable WITH Instructor: Instructor rate only

* add 10/hr if not utilizing the block rate

Flight Instruction

All our instructors are highly skilled experienced pilots.

Instructors are 65 / hour (with some exceptions), and billing starts from the scheduled start time to the end of the lesson.

Minimum charge of one hour of flight/ground instruction per lesson. This is waived if your flight is canceled and your instructor determines you do not need any ground instruction in accordance with our syllabus.

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All Potential Fees

No Balance Extra = We require $1,500 on account for each flight. If you do not have this, all aircraft rates of $10/h more. (Non-financed clients)

Fuel Fee = If fuel is over $6.00 / gallon, you will pay the difference

Late Fee = (for reasons other than weather and maintenance and safety)

  • If you overlap another client, you may be billed $25 per hour over

Damage Fee = If any damage was caused due to negligence on your part, you are responsible to pay for damages.

Airport Fees = If you experience any fees at other airports, you are responsible for those bills even if they are mailed to us.

Late Cancel Fees = If you cancel a rental or lesson within 24 hours of your scheduled time for any reason other than maintenance and weather you may be subject to a $100 fee. If the reason was due to weather, and the weather was forecast to be poor, you may still be subject to the cancellation fee due to bad planning.

No Show Fees = If you do not show up for a scheduled flight you may be subject to a $200 fee (cancellations within 1 hour are considered a no-show).

Not Locking the Building or Aircraft = FOR RENTERS: If you fail to close the hangar during a flight, lock the building doors, or lock up and secure the aircraft, you may be subject to a fee of $100 per occurrence. You will also be responsible for replacing or fixing damaged or stolen items due to negligence.

Passengers without Waivers = All passengers flying with you must fill out this waiver. Failing to do so will make you responsible to reimburse Pilot Rise of any legal fees or settlements regarding your passenger. You may also be charged a $200 fee per passenger.

Not Following Procedures = If you were to not follow a procedure set forth by us or the operator’s handbook, you may be subject to being removed as a student/renter or have additional fees.

Ground Hours = FOR RENTALS ONLY: If the plane sits on the ground for more than an hour for the time it is dispatched, there is a charge of 7.50 per hour the plane sits on the ground. (Not counting preflight + postflight) This is not charged between 10 pm and 6 am.

Early Termination Charge = $200 – This is applied if you remove money from your training account or terminate flight training prior to completing your current training goal. ($500 for financed students)

Late Payment Fees = Failure to pay an invoice or balance within 4 business will result in late fees thereafter. The late payment fee is 2% of your current balance per week.

Certified Flight Instructor Training From a Two-Year CFI = Instructor rate is $85/hr.

Spin Training = If you are seeking spin training and an endorsement for your CFI initial, we charge an extra $150 on top of normal aircraft and instructor rates IF you are not completing your CFI training through us.

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