Getting Started

We incorporate technology to speed up the boring paperwork process, improve training, and increase savings. Before coming to fly, there are a few things you can do to get a head start.

To begin, we will need you to agree to these two agreements:

We use FlightCircle for scheduling. As a student, you'll be able to view the schedule, but you will not be able to schedule aircraft until you become a Private Pilot.

If you are about to start flight training, we recommend getting a jump start on ground school videos. We use videos for ground school to provide a massive amount of savings, and it is far easier than reading several different books. We are partnered with Gold Seal Ground School. These videos prepare you for the FAA written test and FAA practical checkride. The first section is free, so go ahead and get started.

If you are a pilot looking to rent or further training, please look over our rental policies. Also, come prepared with Weight and Balance and performance calculations. Below is a link to resources to assist with this.

We don't like unexpected expenses, so we don't want you to experience any. Here are all fees and prices: